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117 York Street, Fredericton, NB E3B 3N6 | Ph: 506.455.4193 | Email: president@fsinb.ca

Myer and Jack Budovitch Trophy Athlete of the Year: History

The Budovitch Trophy
This award originated with two brothers who were strong supporters of sport in the city of Fredericton. Myer Budovitch was a successful grocer in the city for many years and operated the Rite Meat Market on York Street. The 1940’s and 1950’s were times of imprted senior hockey talent in Fredericton and, with the financial and moral support of Myer Budovitch, this city was able to ice a very competitive team. Others providing the essential support for the success of the local senior hockey program at that time were the late Dr. Everett Chalmers, Frank Van Buskirk, Frank Pridham and Currie Gulliver.

Jack Budovitch, Myer’s brother, was also a successful merchant operating the tiny Tots store on York Street, which coincidentally was located next door to the Rite Meat Market.

Jack Budovitch in his youth was an outstanding softball pitcher in local leagues. Following the end of he “import era” in senior hockey, Jack devoted his attention to the Fredericton Caps; which team was now staffed with local talent. Jack served as President for a number of years and also was a major financial supporter of the team. He was ably assisted by two other sports notables of the time, namely Charlie West and Bruce Urquhart.

In 1956 the Budovitch family donated a trophy dedicated to Myer and Jack which was to be presented annually to Fredericton’s Outstanding Athlete. This designation was later broadened to include Outstanding Team’s as well. The first winner of the Myer/Jack Budovitch trophy was Marjorie Squires.

The Myer and Jack Budovitch trophy unfortunately lay dormant for intervals of time until revived by Fredericton Sports Investment (1990) Inc. in 1999. the Athlete of the year award is now presented at the annual Fredericton Sports Wall of Fame Induction dinner each May.